Mom asks her son “why did you shave your eyebrows.” His response has Internet dying of laughter

This is about to be your new favorite YouTube video.

A little boy named Julius is winning the hearts of thousands all because of one hilarious mistake. It’s the perfect thing to watch if you need a good chuckle.

Julius’ mom had to break out the camera for this one — it was just too good. Kids do funny inexplicable things, but this takes the cake. We can’t thank her enough for uploading it on the internet for everyone to enjoy.

The perplexed mom asks her son a straightforward question — “why did you shave your eyebrows?”

Julius shrugs his shoulders as his “new” eyebrows are revealed. What looks like two wiggly lines of thick black eyeliner are now his brand new eyebrows. It’s hard to tell if he has a worried look on his face or if it’s the new eyebrows creating that illusion!

Mom had apparently drawn on the replacement eyebrows as a sort of “punishment” for shaving off his eyebrows in the first place. We have to say — it’s a pretty hilarious form of discipline.

Julius’ mom can’t help but burst into laughter as her son and his “new” eyebrows look back at her.

She tries to compose herself and turn this into a teachable moment. She attempts to explain that he could have cut himself with the razor while shaving them off — but she simply can’t contain her laughter.

As part of the eyebrow punishment, his mom explains that when his friends come by and ask him to play, he’ll be leaving the house with his new silly black eyebrows. Julius isn’t a big fan of that idea.

The little boy runs to the bathroom to get a look at what his mother has drawn on his face to replace what used to be his eyebrows. His reaction is priceless.

His shock is immediately replaced by anger towards his mom for drawing such horrible looking eyebrows on his face. She quickly reminds him that he was the one who shaved them off in the first place.

Mom sternly says that those ugly eyebrows are there to stay until she says they can come off. Julius wasn’t really into that idea either. Coming to terms with his punishment, Julius asks his mom why she couldn’t at least draw nice ones on!

The entire moment is going viral and for a good reason — it’s absolutely hilarious.

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