Millionaire Mom Who Lied About Being Poor To Get Government Benefits Just Learned Bad News

When the truth got out about 44-year-old Rebecca Khodragha, the people in Australia were outraged. This Muslim woman had been caught lying to the public housing system for 18 years to get cheap rent at the taxpayer’s expense. To qualify, she pretended to be a “battling single mother” and the people at the welfare office ate it up for years. But now that her fraud has been discovered, she has been evicted from the housing system. Nevertheless, people have seen her still living there at the cost of the taxpayer.

As a plot to steal from the government, Khodragha lied to the authorities about her relationship status. She is a happily married woman. Her husband owns a lucrative electrical business that earned collects more than $1 million every year. This millionaire Muslim mom has more money than most and still wants free handouts from the government.

Because she tricked the government, she has lived in the western Sydney, Australia unit with her sons for almost two decades.

But last November, the court found Khodragha guilty of two counts of fraud. They sentenced her to three months in jail. At the sentencing, Family and Community Services said they planned to evict the thief immediately.

Now more than six months later, she is still living at her government house.

The news media caught Khodragha at the apartment building walking toward the chiropractor’s office where she works.

Neighbors say that “Bec” has lived in the welfare unit “for years.”

Becaue the District Court Judge Martin Sides noticed that Khodragha showed “no genuine remorse” and a “complete lack of insight” into her crimes, she received jail time.

When she was spotted near the public housing unit months after she was “evicted,” she grabbed tightly onto her designer handbag.

The Department of Family and Community Services confirmed that Khodragha, a mother of two, still lives at the public housing unit but they don’t like it.

“Mrs Khodragha has no place in public housing after committing such an appalling fraud,” a spokesman for FACS said. But apparently, they’re powerless to send her packing.

The “single mother’s” neighbor told Daily Mail Australia that “Bec has lived down the back there for years” and said that she is “quiet and keeps to herself.”

Although Khodragha married Khaled in an Islamic ceremony back in 1991, they never had their marriage officially registered. This made it easier for her to scam the government out of welfare money and assistance.

Documents reveal that her husband owns an electrical contracting business that makes more than $1 million each year.

Besides the public housing unit, the couple owns two other properties in Sydney including a house.

When a member of the public called in a tip on Khodragha’s fraud, the governmental authorities launched an investigation.

More than 60,000 people in need are waiting for public housing in Australia and she wants it for herself.

Do you think this woman should be evicted? Was her punishment too lenient to make her see her wrong?

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