Men Work On Roof When Man In Blue’s Song Comes On. He Busts A Move That Has Internet In Stitches

Have you ever heard a tune that you just can’t get out of your head?

No matter where you are, when you hear it, you just can’t help but start busting out the moves. Sometimes, this can even happen when you’re working at your job. And if you have the kind of boss that’s cool with it, sometimes, you just have to start dancing on the spot.

That’s definitely happened to Andrew Wilcox. He is a roofer who was working on building a shed next to a house. It had been a busy day, and he and his partner still had a lot more work to be done. After all, they wanted to make sure that everything looked and worked perfectly.

But then, a song came on that he was really feeling. And he couldn’t help but start dancing to it right there on the roof.

The song was “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias.

It is a hugely popular song, so Andrew had probably heard the tune before. It got him into such a good mood that once he heard it, he started dancing almost immediately. Not only that, but he decided to take a video of it, as well. And his dancing combined with the editing makes this video one of the funniest you’ve ever seen.

He starts off right in front of the camera on top of a roof.

You can see him working on some shingles while a co-worker is working on a roof close by. Then, once the song begins, he slowly gets up from his crouched position and swings his hips around. He may not be a professional dancer, but you can definitely tell that he’s got some moves to show.

Then, you see him change places rapidly. Whoever edited this video knew how to make it look even funnier. One second, he is dancing by himself, the next, he is on the roof next to the first one dancing in front of his co-worker. Then, he’s back to the first roof, busting out a completely different move. He just doesn’t stop. You could almost say that he’s got too many moves to know what to do with.

He busts out several dance moves that may not be familiar to most people.

It may not be the typical kind of dancing you’ll see out there, but it’s definitely going to make you laugh.

Since this video has come out, it’s been a viral hit on the internet. People love watching Andrew dance around, and plenty have talked about how funny the video is.

On the YouTube video Andrew posted, he wrote the following caption:

“It’s only natural that when the radio plays those Latino tunes my hips start to sway. I love the music. I love the culture. I love the dance.”

Maybe that’s because Andrew worked as a missionary in Arizona for two years and has worked alongside many Mexican co-workers. While his moves may not have been a part of Mexican tradition, that could be where his love for the music came from.

What kind of music gets you dancing to the point where you can’t stop? Is there a specific song you just can’t get enough of, or is it a particular genre?

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