Meet You Jianxia, The Woman With The World’s Longest Eyelashes

They are the doorway to your heart. The windows to the soul. They have been the inspiration for art, for poetry, for battle cries and loving verse. To twist up a popular voting phrase, the eyes have it, and everyone seems obsessed with that fact. Men can fall in love with them. Women obsess with putting the right fashion accent around them.

She’s A World Record Holder

From mascara to shadow, liner and falsies, everything ocular gets lessons and tutorials. The main goal? To get the most out of your cosmetics and create the perfect frame for those amazing facial features. But one woman in China may have trumped all the experts and gurus. You Jianxia lives in Shanghai, and she is now a member of the Guinness Book of World Records for a pretty amazing visual feat.

She Swears They Are 100 Percent Real

You see, You has the world’s longest eyelashes. No, seriously. They measure a staggering 12.4 centimeters, which translates out of metric to nearly five inches. Five. According to the new celebrity, the unusual length can be chalked up to…a special product? Unique diet? A strange poultice made up of magic herbs and incantations? Nope – apparently, You’s fancy eye follicles come from a life “lead one with nature.” Huh?

And They Are Almost Five Inches Long

Some are claiming a hoax. Others insist she is “faking” for the publicity. But there is one fact that remains solidly in her favor, and it starts with the letter “G.” Guinness doesn’t usually reward records without close and careful verification. In this case, You seems to have it. So as you struggle with those fragile false lashes before heading out to the club, remember: all you need is a life lead at one with nature and you too can have amazing eyes. Or something like that.

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