Meet the most stylish bunny in the world. He’s taking the Internet by storm

A Holland Lop rabbit named PuiPui is taking Instagram by storm with help from his owner Mumitan. The famous rabbit is well-known for his impeccable style.

PuiPui has been known to wear anything from crowns and driving caps to kimonos and capes. His owner, Mumitan, gets her inspiration from characters of literature. Mumitan’s impeccable eye for detail is extremely impressive.

She loves sewing three-piece suits, with tiny little buttons for her beloved Holland lop; and PuiPui doesn’t seem to mind at all. In fact — the rabbit seems to enjoy modeling the dapper outfits his mom has made for him. The world of Instagram loves it too.

The chic rabbit has been gaining in popularity since his stylist and photographer, aka his mom, started the Instagram account. The impeccably dressed rabbit was a hit right from the start.

Mumitan and PuiPui’s Instagram account has gained almost 58,000 followers, and the rabbit is dubbed “The Most Stylish Bunny in the World.”

Check out some of Mumitan’s incredible clothing creations below. PuiPui makes an excellent model for the hand-made pieces.

Mumitan says they’re looking for additional orchestra members.

Looking very sleuth-like in this Sherlock Holmes inspired outfit.

3. Well, hello there.

4. “Just 5 more minutes, please…”

5. Of course, PuiPui is a vegan chef.

6. The handsome floppy-eared groom waits for his bride.

7. The king reveling in his fame.

8. “Santa PuiPui is coming to town!”

9. PuiPui the businessrabbit has been busted.

10. Taking a break from guarding the Queen by getting some fresh autumn air.

11. A French poet in fall. Alwas great inspiration for the best poetry.

12. A little sailor’s outfit? With another little bunny friend? Massive cuteness happening here.

13. PuiPui the spellcaster.

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