‘Mean girls’ make fun of woman in drug store. Her comeback to them has millions cheering

3.2 million school-aged kids are the victims of bullying each year. Approximately 160,000 of those kids skip school because of it, and bullying suicide is the third leading cause of death in children between the ages of 10 and 14. Bullying is no joke, and anyone who participates in it needs to be called out and shut down. Unfortunately, most victims of bullying don’t have the courage to stand up to their aggressors, and too many schools turn a blind eye bullish behavior, giving more strength to the mean person.

One young woman, Harriet Rae, is not your average victim though, as she had no time for the mean remarks made by two girls about her appearance.

Harriet overheard the girls laughing and talking about her appearance in loud enough tones for most everyone around to hear. However, instead of ignoring the girls and slinking away in embarrassment, she did something the girls didn’t expect–she turned around, looked them in the eye and gave them a big cheesy grin. According to Harriet, the look on the girls’ faces told her that they weren’t used to being caught out on their mean girl ways.

Harriet didn’t leave it at that though. She took to Facebook to call out the girls and to let them know that their words didn’t hurt her.

“Just so you know, your words didn’t hurt me. The looks you gave me did not either,” Harriet wrote. “I do feel slightly saddened that you think it’s ok to speak about another female, or in fact anyone, in that way. I don’t believe you gained anything from it apart from looking a little bit silly when you realised I heard you.”

Touche Harriet, touche.

She then asks the girls to be a little kinder with their words next time, then finishes off the post with some kind words to the mean girls: “If you did your own hair and make up for work today, you are both very talented. I could never get my winged liner or my ponytail that perfect!”

The support she’s been receiving on Facebook for her words has been endless, with people praising both the way she looks and her maturity.

Harriet isn’t the first person to be bullied and she won’t be the last, but hopefully, her story will be enough to encourage a few more people to be kinder with their thoughts and words to others.

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