McDonald’s Employee Is Fired For Posting Shocking Photos Of Restaurant’s Disgusting Conditions

A McDonald’s worker who used their Twitter account to call attention to certain deplorable conditions at their place of work was recently fired for their actions. When word spread about the employee posting a filthy drip tray on the popular social media hub, the company’s first instinct was to get rid of the offending party, as opposed to handling the disgusting mold that accumulated on the aforementioned tray.

Pictures like these paint a fairly grim picture of what life is like at such restaurants and we must admit that we are absolutely appalled at what we are witnessing. Any food business that is worthy of receiving our hard earned money should be more than willing to take the time to make sure that they are keeping their customers safe from germs and bacteria.

Nick works at a McDonald’s that is located in Louisiana and he is the one who posted the images that caused such a stir. It will be impossible for us to look at the ice cream machine at our local fast food giant ever again after this story. McDonald’s was quick to issue a statement in hopes of performing damage control and assuaging customer concerns.

These posts from Nick call attention to the state of disrepair that some franchises allow themselves to fall into and while these posts are not reflective of McDonald’s as a whole, they are far more common than we usually realize. The trays in question are supposed to be cleaned on a regular basis by McDonald’s customers and Nick’s revelations certainly did not stop there.

He also spoke of coworkers who would brazenly serve food to customers that had fallen onto the floor. The post went viral quickly and Wendy’s employees even got in on the act, using Nick’s posts as a way to call attention to the cleanliness of their restaurant, as opposed to the squalor of this McDonald’s.

While Nick was fired for spreading the word about the restaurant’s filth, he has zero regrets regarding this matter. He wanted to let people know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they eat at this particular McDonald’s. He is also trying to get in touch with prime time television producers, so that he can tell his story to a wider audience. This story is not an indicator of what all McDonald’s are like, but it is safe to say that we will be thinking twice before eating there in the future.