Man With Disfiguring Facial Tumor Is Finally Getting Help For His Excruciating Pain

Pain. Lucas McCulley knows all about it. He was born with a benign tumor on his face, and as he grew, it did as well. Doctors tried operations, 24 surgeries in all, but no success. The medical teams explained that, until he was an adult, there may be no way to rid him of the massive growth. This meant that, every day, every night, every hour, every second, the Utah boy felt nothing but pain from the time he woke in the morning until the time he went to bed at night.

Lucas McCulley Has Been Fighting His Face His Entire Life

When he turned 18, and it seemed like his prayers would finally be answered. Adulthood may bring some relief. But then McCulley ran into another roadblock – government and insurance red tape. He wanted to get on disability, from the pain and constant medical issues, but he was denied. Then he found out his insurance would no longer cover treatment. Why? Well, because even with the discomfort and the social stigma attached to it, the company believed that the tumor was something he could easily “live with.”

He’s Had Several Surgeries

Realizing he would never have the necessary money to pay for the operation, he decided to start a GoFundMe like campaign. He hated asking for help, but had no idea what to do. Well, it says something about the people of Utah that when they saw McCulley’s plea, over $40,000 was raised in less than 24 hours. He needs more than $100K, according to doctors. As of right now, he’s very close indeed. But now someone has stepped in who may be able to help.

Now This TV Show Is Offering Even More Help

McCulley’s recent higher profile has also gained the interest of the TV show The Drs. They have invited him on, and as you can see in the clip below, his case is drawing a lot of attention from some of the leading specialists who deal with such conditions. A couple even claim to be able to help, a reveal that ends up putting a big smile on McCulley’s face. The pain is still there, but relief is on the way. Maybe after two decades dealing with this, this young man can finally find peace. We hope so.

Here’s Part Of His Appearance

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