Man takes one breath and goes underwater, stuns everyone when he solves 3 Rubik’s cubes

If you think holding your breath for a minute and a half is impressive — how about solving not one, not two, but three Rubik’s cubes while you’re at it? For professional swimmer Marius Solaat Rodland, that’s child’s play.

“We were just having fun after swimming practice, and now it is starting to be known around the world!” the swimmer exclaimed after posting the video online.

The video was filmed in Norway by the professional swimmer with a little help from a friend. People all over the world are dropping their jaws to the floor because of it.

His friend holds him at the bottom of the pool so that he’ll have both of his hands-free to solve the mind-bending puzzle.

After a nice deep breath, the goggled swimmer sits at the bottom of the pool and is handed his first Rubik’s cube. He calmly begins twisting the rows and columns of colorful squares with complete focus.

It seems as if Rodland isn’t submerged underwater at all — he’s cool, calm, and collected as he looks at the puzzle and contemplates his next move. Soon enough — after 26 seconds underwater, he finished solving the first cube.

In the amount of time that most people would be gasping for air — the swimmer was handed his second Rubik’s cube to solve, showing no signs of distress whatsoever.

With the same patience and composure, he starts working on the second puzzle. One would think that he’d at least show signs of hurry, but that simply isn’t the case at all.

His friend’s feet are casually pressing him down on his shoulders, Rodland working away — fully concentrating on completing the task. At 58 seconds — he’s done it again.

After a minute underwater with one breath in his lungs, his friend hands him the third Rubik’s cube.

It’s incredible to watch the young professional swimmer concentrate with such tranquility. After a minute and fifteen seconds, it’s hard not to start feeling uncomfortable knowing that he hasn’t had any oxygen.

When he senses the feeling that he’s seconds away from solving the third and final Rubik’s cube, he looks up at the camera and gives it a giant grin. As if what he’s accomplished is no big deal at all.

Not only is this young man an incredible athlete, but he’s clearly very intelligent and has quite the talent for holding his breath. We’re impressed by all accounts.

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