Man posts viral rant about PETA, finally reveals the truth about the organization

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, claims to be the guardians of the animals on planet earth, however, one UK-based LGBT rights and mental health advocate vlogger named Calum McSwiggan is claiming that they are quite the opposite.

This isn’t the first time PETA’s been under fire. They’ve been criticized before for their ads that objectify and women and fat shame.

McSwiggan calls PETA out for wasting thousands on ridiculous PR campaigns (see above) while claiming that the organization actually kills 97% percent of the animals that they rescue because “they can’t afford” to take care of the animals.

He claims that PETA has murdered more than 30,000 cats and dogs saying it’s the “kind thing to do.”

The Center for Consumer Freedom called PETA’s Virginia shelter a “slaughterhouse,” according to FOX News.

Nathan J. Winograd, the Director of the No Kill Advocacy Center, told Huffington Post in 2013 that PETA killed 96 percent of the 2,000 animals that entered their facility and that in 11 years they were responsible for the deaths of 29,426 cats, dogs, rabbits, and other domestic animals.

He ripped PETA over the “absurd ways” they advocate for animals by going after entities for petty reasons. Like criticizing Pokémon for encouraging cruelty to animals or Super Mario for promoting the fur industry and cruelty to turtles.

He says they also tried to get the zookeeper who went viral for saving his dog from a kangaroo by punching it fired, which according to legitimate news sources is true.

A photographer said that PETA also left him completely broke after they sued him because they claimed a monkey owned the rights to a selfie the monkey took with his camera.

He told The Telegraph that PETA has left him in financial ruins and destroyed his motivation to be a photographer.

PETA also tried to get Ben & Jerry’s to use breast milk instead of cow milk.

McSwiggan also rags on PETA for trying to convince people to make their cats vegan even though it’s unhealthy and guilting people into veganism by showing graphic images, including animals being tortured and killed, rather than giving a rational argument for it.

“And instead of targeting those who are actually cruel to animals, they instead try to shut down independent farmers and small businesses,” he tweets.

He concludes his Twitter thread by telling his followers that they shouldn’t donate to PETA but instead donate to worthy animal charities.

PETA responded to the Twitter chain with this post and video:

While the claims in McSwiggan’s Twitter rant seem to be substantiated by reputable news outlets, he has been accused in the past of stretching the truth.

According to People, the YouTube star has been accused of faking his own hate crime after the LAPD said they were “unable to substantiate the assault” said that he “had no visible injuries” and that he was found “injuring himself with the handle and receiver to a pay phone inside the cell” when he was arrested for vandalism.

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