Man Hasn’t Cut His Hair In Over 20 Years – Wife Fights Back Tears When She Sees His New Look

Getting a haircut can completely change your entire appearance. Some people look like total strangers after they get a massive haircut. Sometimes, even a minor haircut can be a huge change!

It is incredible to think something as simple as cutting our hair can change the way our face looks so drastically.

One dad was given a complete makeover when host Rachael Ray learned he hadn’t cut his hair in over 20 years!

Roger and Fleur have been together for 13 years, but Fleur has never seen her fiancé without his long hair and a scruffy beard.

Even before they were together, Roger and Fleur had been friends but Roger had his long hair even back then. The couple decided to go on the Rachael Ray Show, so Roger could take part in their Daddy Makeover segment.

Fleur was ready to see what her fiancé would look like after the on-air makeover happened. She told the show host:

“I’m excited to see how he looks, clean shaven. With no hair, or less hair.”

Host Rachael Ray had to find out how Roger had managed to get such long hair. Apparently, he actually did have no hair at one point!

“When I graduated high school, I shaved my head and just went from there. Then life happens. We had kids, it was like four years later. I’d just rather be taking the time to deal with hair, by spending time with my kids and save the money I’d be spending on my hair. My hair grows fast.”

Rachel enlisted the help of a professional to work with Roger’s hair. He wanted to see how Roger’s wavy hair would look after they took the extra hair’s weight off.

The first thing he wanted to do was get rid of Roger’s ZZ Top look.

In a magical TV reveal, they showed Roger’s “before” photo and then he emerged from backstage looking like a completely different man! Gone was the long, semi-curly hair, and in was a coifed new man!

Fleur had to actually fight back tears when she saw Roger after his makeover! But not to worry, they were happy tears. She told Rachael Ray that she was actually shocked by the new look.

Roger didn’t see himself before his big reveal to the audience, so Rachael had him turn around and look at himself. His expression says it all!

What do you think of his new look?

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