Man Has No Clue Security Camera Is Recording Him, Good Deed Is Captured; Goes Viral

During a Bank Holiday Monday, three hooligans decided to get up early and cause some problems. In Ardee, Co. Louth in Ireland, the men went over to the Kearneys Interior Store and then started messing it up. Outside the shop, they ripped potted flowers out of the dirt and then left a mess behind as they ran away giggling.

The store’s beautiful floral display had been ruined because three men thought it would be fun. Now the flowers and soil were scattered in front of the store.

Only later, while looking at the CCTV footage, did staff realize the mayhem that had occurred. And as they watched the footage, they also noticed something else, something spectacular.

Not long after the three hooligans had fled the scene, giddy from their mischief, another man arrived at the store. As the clerks watched the footage later, they worried that this man was going to do something destructive like the other three had done. But the young man defied their expectations.

While they watched the security footage, the employees of Kearneys saw the young man take time out of his busy day to re-pot the flowers that the hooligans had ruined. And then he started to clean up the soil that the punks had left on the ground. The man, who apparently had no connection to the shop, wanted to do a good deed and wasn’t seeking any praise or reward in particular. He was just a Good Samaritan eager to help clean up the once beautiful floral display.

After the family-owned business nearly cried as they watched the heroic man do good, they uploaded the video footage to Facebook. It quickly went viral especially because the shop asked for the young man who re-potted their plants to come forward.

They wrote the following on Facebook:

“After looking at the CCTV from the shopfront being vandalized, we came across this – a young gentleman who tidied up the mess and re-potted the flowers!”

Because the store staff was so impressed with the Good Samaritan, they asked the internet to help find him.

“Store owner Thomas has left a voucher in the shop for him as a thank you gesture so if anyone knows him or can contact him, please do.”

Not only did the shop pay its respect to the man who helped clean up the childish mess left behind by the vandals, but another good thing also came from their Facebook posts. The three hooligans, who had destroyed the beautiful floral display in their moment of lowliness, came back to the shop during business hours. They admitted their crimes and then apologized. They also offered to pay for the damage they had done to the Irish family-owned store. Hopefully, the owners took their money.

Viewers of the Mirror were impressed with the Good Samaritan’s kind act. The following was a favorite comment shared on their site:

“Acts like this give us a glimmer of hope for our future.”

Opportunities to do good appear in our lives every day. We just need to see them so we can seize them.