Man Finds Creature In His Kitchen Only To Feel His Heart Drop When He Looks Closer

The caretaker of the University of Sheffield in England found an odd-looking creature scurrying about in the campus kitchen! It didn’t take him long to realize the creature was a wild hedgehog and it was in trouble. The hedgehog’s spines had all been chopped off!

The man took the hedgehog to the Cawthorne Hedgehog Sanctuary located in South Yorkshire for help. At the sanctuary, Anita and Allen Broadhead took over his care. The hedgehog was named Frankie, and he was given a full examination.

Frankie was very scared and would not uncurl from his protective ball posture. They could see, however, that Frankie was suffering from ringworm.

The university is investigating the incident – and Anita had a special message for the person(s) responsible for Frankie’s condition. Anita asked them to stop and imagine how it would feel if someone mistreated them and there was no way to defend yourself.

Without his spines, Frankie was vulnerable. It will take time, but Frankie’s spines will grow back. Until then, he will remain in the care of Anita and Allen. Once he has recovered, Frankie will be returned to the wild.

Please note that hedgehogs are not a danger to humans. They would prefer to be left alone, so we should respect that and not mess with them. Some people think hedgehogs make good pets, but they don’t – they are wild animals and should be left in the wild.


Watch the clip below to learn more about Frankie.

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