Man films romantic dance with girl, has her in tears when he breaks routine and gets on a knee

Phil Wright, a talented and well-known choreographer, and his girlfriend left an entire room speechless. Not only were they filming a dance routine with fire-hot chemistry but when Phil gets down on one knee — jaws drop.

The successful choreographer was filming a dance routine at LA’s Millennium Dance Complex. He was dancing with his girlfriend Ashley Liai to the song “You and I” by John Legend.

The camera perfectly captures their elegant moves and intense energy between them as they dance.

While the pair is dancing, they stare into each other’s eyes making the dance moves and lyrics come to life. You can feel the love and the chemistry between them as their bodies move in sync to the beautiful song.

A few times throughout the routine, the couple share a brief embrace. The choreography is absolutely stunning and perfectly aligned with John Legend’s romantic words.

As the routine comes to an end — Phil gets down on one knee. Ashley’s jaw drops to the floor.

Shocking everyone in the room, especially Ashley, Phil opens a black jewelry box. The entire room erupts in a loud cheer and adoring swoons. It was so unexpected yet perfectly timed.

Ashley immediately bursts into tears; she can’t believe what’s happening.

When the audience finally settles down from the shock of the surprise — Phil pops the question.

Without any hesitation, of course, Ashley said yes. The happy tears continue to flow as the newly engaged couple hugs each other tightly. The crowd around them was cheering for the happy couple once again.

The entire proposal couldn’t have been set up more perfectly. Phil even thanks the videographer who participated and was in on this magnificent, life-changing surprise. They are such a beautiful couple.

The couple met 8 years ago during a dance class that Phil was teaching. They were dating a few months later.

It’s absolutely amazing that their relationship first started in a dance studio and now the next chapter of their lives has begun in the dance studio as well. He proposed on their 8-year anniversary.

It’s probably safe to say that these two will be creating some romantic and spicy dance routines in the future. We couldn’t be happier for the talented couple.

Within 2 days, the proposal video has been shared over 260,000 times on Instagram alone. Many more times on Twitter — and for a good reason, it’s adorable.

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