Man Enters Grocery Store With Girl, Shoppers Appalled To See What’s Around Her Neck

A strange video has surfaced where a man in a red sports jersey and white cap was recorded holding onto his girlfriend by a leash and “walking” her through a public store. The woman in question had a muzzle on. Bizarrely, no one in the store did anything to stop the couple or check to make sure that the girl was okay.

The video went viral online, and many commenters on the video insist that the police should have been called, fearing that the woman is a victim of a sex trafficking or that she is in danger of some kind. Others simply were appalled that this strange, overly kinky act was caught on camera and no one stopped them or told them off.

If this is indeed a situation where the woman is in danger, then it’s indeed very shocking and horrifying that no one notified the police.

But if this is a case of weird kink gone too far, then keep that stuff private behind closed doors, people! Share away, people.