Man Drives Around Town Belting Favorite Song, Has Strangers Dying Of Laughter When The Hear Him

They say laughter is infectious: no matter what kind of mood you are in, once you hear laughter you have no choice. Within a few moments you will be laughing, too. Does singing work this way? That is the riddle that one man is out to solve.

TJ Smith is out to brighten the dreariness of the weekday commute with music. As a YouTube star, TJ loves to record segments of his life. He has recently been working on videos where he tries to spread joy to the people of the highways through music.

The comedian calls this segment Highway-Sing-Along. He chooses his favorite infectious tune, cranks up the volume, and spreads the love. With his window rolled down, TJ tries to get other commuters to sing along with him. The results are hilarious.

In one video segment, coined by TJ as “Build Me Up Buttercup Edition,” the young man blasts the catchy beat by The Foundations. The tune certainly does the trick: dozens of passengers are thrilled to groove along with TJ while they wait out the endless expanse of traffic.

With his white sunglasses on and a big smile across his face, TJ is all set for his latest and greatest adventure. He turns up the song, instantly getting into the rhythm as he embarks on the 101.

Within moments, TJ finds himself in an escape-less web of break lights. Cars are lined up as far as the eye can see. Ordinarily the scene would seem dreary, but this guy never lets traffic get him down.

As TJ starts singing along with the music, other drivers immediately notice. The karaoke singer is passed by a light grey car driven by a cheery couple. They sing along with the words, and a connection forms between the three. The driver smiles and points to TJ, who returns the friendly gesture between rhythmic claps.

Farther down the road, TJ finds more fans. The driver passes a high thumbs-up to everyone who looks his way. As he is passed by two girls who just love the music, he meets his match in dance moves. The two girls sway to the beat before leaving TJ in the dust.

Some drivers were not as well spirited, but TJ brushed them off with an extra-loud explosion of notes. He wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of his good time.

This driver’s cheer is absolutely infectious in this hilarious video.

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