Man Born Without Thighs Finds Love In A Woman One Foot Taller And 15 Years Younger!

They say “opposites attract,” but that theory has been tested over the years and it’s never been proven to be an actual fact.

The truth is, you love who you love.

Depending on which blog or psychology book you read, an “expert” in relationships will tell you that you’re better off with someone exactly like you or someone completely different.

It can get a little confusing.

One couple proved all of the theories are right: they’re physical opposites, but have so much in common that they have fallen deeply in love with each other.

Now what, TV shrinks?

Nathan Hrdlicka is 34, his girlfriend Chelsee Stuart is 19.

But that’s not the only difference between these two.

Nathan was born with bilateral proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD) type D, which means he was born without thighs. His knee bones are basically underneath his hip bones.

This has caused Nathan to be only 4’6″ – at least a foot shorter than Chelsee.

Initially, she said the height difference was an issue, but she quickly got over it and the two are extremely happy together.

Doctors have told Nathan that if he wasn’t born with PFFD he would have been over 6’4″ and although he is sometimes in an extreme amount of pain, Nathan doesn’t let his disability define him.

“There’s only 25 people in the world with my condition. It makes me feel pretty unique,” Nathan said. “As far as I’ve been told I am the only one who has figured out how to walk.”

As you can imagine, not having thighs makes this task extraordinarily difficult and adds to Nathan’s pain.

“I’m not really made to walk so every day I choose to do that and it comes with a payoff,” Nathan explained. “I’m literally walking on the tips of bones so throughout the day that eventually wears me out and brings pain on.”

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The couple says they get stares, but they don’t care. They’re happily in love in a healthy, supportive relationship and that’s all that matters.

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