Luke Bryan sings on stage, but his son completely steals the show with his adorable dance moves

Often times, it’s said that talent can run in the family. A daughter may take after her father’s woodworking skill. Another instance might find a son taking his mother’s ability to sew. For Luke Bryan and his son Bo though, it seems that the entertainer lifestyle runs in the blood.

During one of his father’s concerts in 2009, Bo found his way on stage during a performance of “Country Man”.

In the video posted to YouTube, and viewed over 4 million times, the one-year-old wanders onto the stage to join his father.

Clad in blue Superman t-shirt, Bo dances around the stage and bobs to his father’s music. Once on stage, he shows the crowd his stage presence, staying for the whole performance. Although he isn’t able to sing along with his father, he is able to dance to the song, without missing a beat.

Toward the end of the song, Luke places his hat on Bo, an effort that leads to screams from the crowd. That wouldn’t last as the moment that tugged at the crowd’s heartstrings though. Once the cap falls from little Bo’s head, he stares at the crowd before picking it back up and handing it back to his father.

Although it seems cute enough the Bo came out to his father’s show, the biggest coincidence lies in the song that appears during. With lyrics such as, “ I’m a country man a city boy can’t do the things I can,” and “I grow my own groceries and salt cure a ham,” little Bo might be alluding the type of man he wants to be.

Much of the video’s popularity has come from Bo’s performance, but his dad has a following as well. Bryan has won the Billboard Music Award for Top Country Artist twice and the American Music Award for Favorite Country Male Artist four times since 2010.

Outside of his performances and work in country music, Bryan also devotes his time to philanthropy. According to CMT Cody, Bryan supports charities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and even sponsors the “Luke Bryan Farm Tour Scholarship”. Bryan’s scholarship provides a college education for a student coming from a farm family.

Regardless if the younger Bryan wanted to show the crowd his dance moves, or simply wandered on stage, he has touched our hearts. A father and son dancing and performing together is a reminder that family is important and that music can bring even blood closer together.

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