Little Girl Loses Clumps Of Her Hair From Using Popular Hair Product

When a consumer makes a purchase of any kind, you should always take the time to read the labels. A quick scan of the label can often save you a great deal of time and agony and this story is a prime example of what can happen when you are not careful. Avoiding unnecessary troubles is important, especially when you are purchasing beauty products that are going to be used by children.

A little girl by the name of Eliana recently learned this lesson firsthand and the 11 year old lost much of her gorgeous red hair as the result of a faulty beauty product. Before she had even turned ten, her hair had begun to fall out and as you can imagine, her mother found this to be rather alarming. Little did she know that a celebrity endorsed hair care product was the culprit for what was taking place.

WEN Hair Care is believed to be totally natural, but these claims were merely just marketing hype that was used to sell a potentially damaging product. All it took was three usages of the hair care product to destroy Eliana’s hair and the makers of this product have since received a wide range of complaints from various customers all over the world.

The FDA has swiftly responded to these complaints and is issuing various warnings. A red alert has been issued and consumers are being urged not to purchase the product if they wish to avoid the type of experiences that took place for Eliana. Continuous hair loss and permanent baldness are just a few of the common side effects. Unwanted rashes also take place on a fairly regular basis and WEN Hair Care should be avoided at all costs.

Eliana’s hair loss was determined to be caused by the product and this story serves as a cautionary tale. Other women have also used WEN and experienced disastrous results. The FDA can only issue warnings about the product and any recalls have to come from WEN themselves. That’s why stories like these are so important. Spreading the word about potentially damaging products is something that we all need to do in order to ensure that stories like Eliana’s are the exception and not the norm.

Please be sure to check out the news report below and pass it along to your friends and loved ones. Carefully scan all labels before purchasing in the future as well.