Little Boy’s Bones Break Like Glass But Doesn’t Stop Him From Being A Superhero

Back before he became a motion picture punchline, before every film he made was met with snickers and the scent of another box office bomb, director M. Night Shyamalan made movies that matter. After the success of The Sixth Sense, he anticipated the rise in comic book fare by creating the original “superhero” thriller Unbreakable.

Samuel L. Jackson Played A Fictional Character With This Condition

In that film, Bruce Willis played a man who, after a horrific train accident, managed to survive. Not only was he one of the few who lived, but he became empowered by an ability to be almost invincible. Thus the title. And of course, for every champion, there is a challenger, a villain bent on bringing our warrior back to Earth.

Kaden Casebolt Has It In Real Life

In this case, Samuel L. Jackson played a man named Elijah Price whose body was so brittle, it would break at will. Sounds like something straight out of a movie script, right? Well, little Kaden Casebolt is actually living his life like a character out of Shyamalan’s film. He was born with a rare condition which causes his bones to be very brittle? How brittle? He’s only five and has had over 40 fractures. 40.

Though He’d Very Fragile, He Images Himself A Superhero

With the support of his family, including his biological dad, mom, and stepfather, the little boy excels at life. He loves to play, and he isn’t shy about being physical. Yes, he risks hurting himself, but he can’ resist. Oddly enough, Kaden is obsessed with superheroes. He loves dressing up as Superman – the Man of Steel – and pretending to save the day. Despite his issues, Kaden is a very active child. He’s truly remarkable – like something out of the comic book crusaders he so loves.

What An Amazing Little Warrior

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