Lady Throws Tantrum Like A Baby After Store Owner Tells Her Why He Flies A Confederate Flag

Portland, Oregon is known as being home to some of the whiniest liberals in the country. While Oregon is a state filled with gun-loving conservatives, all the liberals seem to leave home and concentrated within Portland and Eugene and a few other surrounding areas. While that is good for the conservatives, it means that “Keep Portland Weird” is an understatement. And when this woman named Heather Franklin recently went viral for her handheld video, conservative Americans everywhere are left shaking their heads.

Franklin filmed herself confronting employees as a rug store. Why? Because she spotted a Confederate flag rug that offended her fragile liberal sensibilities. The rug was proudly hung on the wall for sale. Discover Franklin’s outrageous rant below and see why conservatives have almost no respect for these types of liberals…

Franklin took out her smartphone and began filming the confrontation because she knew her liberal floozies would love to see it online.

“You don’t care about having hate flags on your wall?” Franklin asked, approaching store employees as she filmed. “It’s a symbol of slavery, it’s like having a swastika on your wall.”

In responses, a man told Franklin to study her history because in this instance the rug did not symbolize hatred and racism but simply was a cool design.

“I’m Mexican! I’m Mexican!” he shoots back. “How is that a hate symbol? You should read your [American] history.”

Other employees were angrier with Franklin for speaking up to them.

One person was seen giving Franklin’s camera the middle finger before saying, “Bye b****” and asking her if she supported Hillary or Bernie.

“Which one did you vote for that lost?” the employee asked. “Is that why you’re in a bad mood?”

Franklin brought the discussion back to the topic at hand – the Confederate flag rug. She said that she was not angry because her candidate lost the election but because the rug store was displaying a rug of racial hatred.

Eventually, the store owners asked Franklin to leave. She did, but continued to film from the parking lot.

The men then left the store to force her off their property. She is heard screaming on camera, “Let me leave! Don’t come any closer!”

On video, you can hear Franklin claiming that she was trying to leave the store, but the two men who didn’t like her were preventing her from doing that. Eventually, another Portland liberal approached Franklin in the parking lot to see if she was okay.

“I’m not [okay],” Franklin whined. “he just attacked me in the store!”

Although the camera footage never cut out, no attack was caught on camera. He must have “assaulted” her liberal sensibilities with the Confederate flag design.

While conservatives across America think Franklin was out of line, the store’s CEO Andrew Toolson did not. He immediately tore the Confederate flag rug off the wall and placed the two employees on indefinite leave.

Watch the video below to see exactly what happened to this woman.

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