Just As Wife Is About To Get Away With Murdering Husband, Parrot Takes Matters Into Own Hands

A parrot was used as a ‘witness’ in Michigan to convict a woman of murder! On July 19, forty-nine-year-old Glenna Duram was found guilty of first-degree murder for the death her husband. Glenna has shot her husband, Martin Druam, five times and then turned the gun on herself (an attempted murder-suicide) – but she failed to end her own life.

The police at first thought the couple were victims of a double homicide, until their pet parrot, Bud (an African gray), was heard saying “Don’t f***ing shoot.”

Lillian Duram, Martin’s mother, claimed that the bird picked up every word said in that house.

The police were able to get video of the bird that showed Bud imitating an argument Glenna and Martin had had. Bud was seen switching between Martin’s voice and Glenna’s voice!

The owner of Casa la Parrot, Doreen Plotkowski said that African gray parrots are capable of accurately imitating male and female voices.

Plotkowski saw the video of Bud and confirmed that it was an argument between a man and a woman and he had heard them fight before.

Bud’s recounting of the fight wasn’t really used as evidence in court, but the prosecution was able to use police records that showed the couple had financial problems and gambling issues.