Judges Write Off Guy Who Shows Up With Instrument Made Out Of Carrots, Then He Starts Playing It

On a national television show in China, a farmer has created a “pan flute” using just carrots and leeks from his fields. 48-year-old Nan Weidong shocked the audience when he broke out his large instrument made from vegetables. No one expected his instrument to sound good, but when he started to play, it was unbelievable. To create different notes, the farmer carved the carrots to differing depths. The more space within the carrot, the lower the sound of the note it produced. While most farmers are busy from before dawn to sundown, this farmer has made time to master a unique instrument that left the TV audience baffled and amused. Check out this performance below now!

Nan Weidong is obsessed with flute-like instruments. On the television show he wowed the audience when he played his tune with the raw vegetables – and actually made the song sound beautiful.

But Nan Weidong doesn’t just play with his food, he also created similar inventions with toothpaste tubes and glass bottles.

The farmer comes from Huaibei in eastern China and spends his free time making instruments like his carrot and leek pan-flute.

The viral video came from China Daily and shows the farmer using the raw-vegetable instrument like a pan flute.

He used two leeks to hold the 11 carrots together. The carrots are each hollowed out at different depths to create tones.

Nan Weidong performed his carrot and leek flute on the popular program called “HuangJin 100 seconds.” It aired on Central China Television and shocked the audience.

Although Nan Weidong was dirt poor as a child, he still learned to play Erhu and Chinese flute as a youngster. And these skills have never left him.

And when he began fooling around with a glass bottle, he discovered that its tone changed when he took a sip of water. This inspired him to dive into how it works.

Once he had become an expert on playing the glass bottles, he tried other ways to create tones. It wasn’t long before he decided to carve carrots at differing depths to create a pan flute like instrument. And when he did that, he never went back.

He brought his carrot flute onto the show after he had decorated it with two leeks, which also hold the carrot tubes in place.

Without a doubt, Nan Weidong has discovered a new way to make music. And it is no wonder that the video of him playing is root flute has gone viral. Check out the performance below to see just how inspiring his playing is. Farmers truly are resourceful people.

Mail Online viewers were equally shocked with the footage. Here were just a few comments they shared online:

“If you’re gonna fake it, at least listen to the song a couple of times to get your movements to match the melody.”

“Next is noodle string guitar…..”

“I prefer the Monty Python mouse xylophone.”

“Lots of uses for a root veg so my missus tells me”

And one person simply wrote, “Oh.”

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