Judges Quickly Cut Audition Off – Then He Asks For 2nd Chance And Brings House Down

Most contestants that go onto the “X Factor” are relatively unknown.

They are trying to get their name out there, and that’s why they decide to do the show. This makes for entertaining TV, as the audience can see someone with a lot of talent grow into a real performer with fans all over the world.

However, every once in a while, somebody auditions for the show who has already experienced some fame. That’s what happened with Gary Barker. The now 30-year-old singer and dad became famous for his rendition of the popular Bruno Mars song, “Uptown Funk.” He was working outside a bar in Liverpool, where he currently lives and frequently performs, when he sang the popular song.

The crowd watching him went absolutely wild.

You can see a ton of people dancing in the streets, clearly getting down to Gary’s vocal talents. Because of this video, Gary had already gained some popularity among fans online when he decided to audition for the “X Factor UK.”

His fans were already rooting for him to do well on the show, so he could advance to the next level of the competition. While he sounds amazing singing on the street, people couldn’t wait to hear him perform on a bigger stage, singing some of their favorite songs and making them his own.

However, not all of the judges shared the same enthusiasm as many of Gary’s fans did.

Though he chose the song “Uptown Funk” – the one that had already given him some fame – for his audition, he was cut off quickly after he began. The judges had decided that they already saw what they needed to see, and they didn’t particularly like it.

When the judges expressed that he did not need to go on any further, he asked for another shot. He told them that he was nervous and that he knew he could do better. Simon was skeptical, expressing that they wanted somebody who was able to show them a bit more originality. But, to the delight of his fans watching at home, the judges allowed him to sing another song and deliver an original performance to really prove what he was capable of doing.

Instead of going with a modern song choice, Gary decided to switch it up a bit.

He opted for the 1964 hit by Sam Cookie called, “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

Although the judges may not have been that impressed by his Bruno Mars rendition, they were absolutely blown away after Gary’s second song choice. Even Simon, who was very hesitant to give the performer a second chance, was clearly awed by how well Gary had delivered the performance.

Because of his hard work and dedication, as well as his drive to never give up, Gary set out to do what he had planned to do: wow the judges.

That just goes to show that even if you don’t succeed at first, you should still push yourself to show off your best work.

At the end of the audition, Gary received a “yes” from all four judges. His son came running out to greet his dad, obviously thrilled that he had a chance to move forward in the competition.

Luckily, Gary’s fans will be able to see a lot more of this performer as he advances through the competition.

Whether he wins the entire competition, this is surely just the beginning of this star’s amazing musical journey. His fans and admirers will undoubtedly be rooting him on throughout the rest of the competition and throughout his musical career. Let’s hope we hear a lot more of this amazing singer.

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