Judge Asks Son Of Father With Traffic Violation To Choose Fair Punishment

For the past 32 years, Judge Frank Caprio has presided over Rhode Island’s Providence Municipal Court. As a well-known public figure in the community, Judge Caprio has built a reputation for ruling with a compassionate view.

Judge Frank Caprio Has Gained A Reputation For Ruling Compassionately

For people appearing in court, the judge often asks their children to accompany them in hopes that family members can participate in the final judgement. For many, the judge has been able to teach their children some of life’s lessons with their parents as the examples. It’s his style and it seems to work for him well on his show Caught in Providence.

He Asked The Son Of The Defendant To Choose His Punishment

On a recent episode, when a father appeared in court to handle a traffic violation, Judge Caprio felt it was important to include the man’s five-year-old son Jacob in the ruling. He brought the young boy up to the bench and asked him how he thought his father should be punished.

His Father Was Ready For His Son’s Punishment

What happened next brought smiles to the faces of all in the courtroom after Jacob shared what he believed to be a fair punishment. Check out the video below to see how the man’s son thought he should handle his traffic violation.

It’s truly an incredible moment that Judge Caprio transformed into a teachable life lesson.

Here’s The Video Everyone’s Been Talking About:

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