It Started As A Scenic Drive Through Hollywood And Ended With A Biker Off A Cliff

Southern California is one of the most perfect places to ride a motorcycle.

The weather is almost always gorgeous, and there are long highways and roads with perfect scenery. What’s not to love? That’s what draws people to Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, specifically a two mile long stretch called ‘The Snake.’ The downside is that Mulholland Drive is actually one of the heaviest crash sites in SoCal, and people have the videos to prove it.

Motorcyclists flock to Mulholland Drive for a fun ride, but most are unused to the twists and turns. Going at high speeds can throw a rider off balance.

This cyclist was fortunate that he crashed in the bushes on the side of the road, narrowly avoiding a fall into the gorge below.

Police estimate that 60-70 percent of motorcycle crashes on Mulholland — like the one in the video below — go unreported.

I love going fast as much as the next person, but whether you’re driving or riding in any state, take it easy on those turns!