“I will tell God what you have done” – these touching words were spoken by a 7-year-old child just before his death. Doctors have long been unable to erase them from their memories!

There is one thing that connects all wars – their victims are innocent people.

Tragic events interrupt the quiet life of citizens. Bomb blasts, constant shooting, ruined buildings, and lack of food, drugs and any help – these are the sad realities of armed conflicts. People want to escape somewhere, hide, but sometimes it’s too late. They die in a cruel way in their own homes or in the streets.

It is a pity for all the people who die in the tragedy of war, but the most affected are the children. War takes their childhood and forces them to grow up fast. Toddlers do not know play, laughter and fun. They live in constant fear and arrows and explosions are natural for them. It’s a gray and sad reality that they cannot change, though they really want to.

In the streets of destroyed cities you can find a lot of lost orphans. Their parents died as a result of gunfire or are taking active part in combat. They have nowhere to go or to whom to turn. They often die of hunger or as a result of various illnesses. In such difficult times, no one wants to take them and usually they are doomed to themselves. As you may guess, they do not live alone for a long time. If no one reaches out for them with a helpful hand, their fate will be decided.

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Pretty recently, Internet users grieved over the story of several year old, Sayed Masalha. His mother sent the 7-year-old to fetch bread. The child came out into the street and suddenly a bomb exploded. The boy was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital after some time. A lot of blood loss and numerous internal bleeding sites made his condition very severe. The doctors did what they could to save him, but they knew that there was no greater chance of survival.

Little Sayed Masalha cried and cried. He realized that he was leaving this world, and in an act of despair he repeated one sentence:

I will tell God what you have done. He will not accuse you of it, but you will be very sorry.

The doctors listened carefully to his words, which echoed in the hospital corridors. They were obviously not addressed to them, but to those responsible for the bloody struggles in which thousands of innocent people were killed. After a moment, the baby died and the building was filled with a terrifying silence.