Homeless Man Saves Dog From Dangerous Cliffside

No matter how dangerous the situation, first responders never typically hesitate to do what’s needed to rescue someone whose life is in danger.

However, when Washington State Patrol officers and local firefighters arrived at the scene this past week and saw a dog perilously clinging to the side of a cliff beside a busy highway, they had no idea how to safely get to him and return him to his owner unharmed and safe.

While driving over a freeway overpass, Hunter the dog suddenly jumped out the window of the car and landed on a steep cliff. “We were trying to get him as fast as we could,” said trooper Brooke Bova. “It’s a very steep incline and there’s concrete below.”

As rescuers struggled to find a way to reach Hunter, a homeless man came up to them and volunteered to help. “This homeless man, who said that he lived under the overpass, offered to climb up,” Bova said. “He said he knew the terrain and could grab the dog. It was heartwarming. He didn’t have to do that.”

The man climbed to Hunter, untangled him carefully from the ivy, and then carried him to safety. “In my experience, homeless people tend to avoid law enforcement and do their own thing, so it was really heartwarming that he came up and offered to do that. It restores your faith in humanity,” Bova said. “He didn’t give his name. He just went on his way when he was done. He was just a real kind-hearted guy.”

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