His Wife Didn’t Believe Him When He Said What Baby’s First Word Was, So He Films It As Proof

Does a baby usually say mama or dada first? In this case, neither. And it’s hilarious.

This dad worked hard to teach his baby a pretty unique word as her first, straight out of the superhero universe: Batman.

Michael McAvoy shared the video of her first word, tweeting: “Well, as a bit of a geek, I am over-the-moon with my daughter’s first word. Can’t understand why my wife isn’t as happy about it.”

It’s actually quite impressive. So impressive that his video was retweeted thousands of times. His bold move was inspiration for other parents wanting to try the same.

Watch as dad gives his little one a bit of an intro with the Batman theme song and, right on time, she nails it with her “Batman.”

People had plenty of comments on the KUTV 2News Facebook post about the video, with many leaving remarks that tagged friends who would do something similar with their child.

Another commenter had a similar story, writing: “So? That was my, nephew’s first word when the original series came out 50 years ago. We were in the kitchen listening to the theme song and he starts yelling “Batman”. His first word!”

When the nephew responded, that he didn’t remember it, his aunt explained: “I do. We were in the kitchen, you were sitting watching TV in the living room. At the point where this girl said ‘Batman,’ you did, too. We ran into the living room saying ‘He talked! He talked!’”

Another commenter shared their first word was also Batman, but there was a very good reason to hear it around the house regularly: “My first word was Batman! To be fair we had a cat named Batman.”

Many Twitter users responded with their own personal first word stories, including: “Our daughter’s first word was ‘Da Pooh.’ She is now an animator. Maybe yours will be a superhero. She sang the word along with us while we changed her diaper” and “My son started with ‘pancake.’ Clearly your kid has better priorities.”

Another person shared: “My son’s first word was ‘Boba’ as in Boba Fett. My husband was elated… I finally see the humor in it” and another noted: “I accidentally made my little cousin’s first words be ‘You’re dethpickable.’ To this day she can’t say it right.” Yet another shared this cute first word story: “My daughter’s first word: cat, second word: Bowie.”

One person tried it out on their own kid, but didn’t have much success, tweeting: “I practiced this morning with my son (it didn’t work but he loves the song!).” And another offered this compliment: “Excellent way to bring up kids … music is the food of love… dun ner ner ner ner Batman!”

Among those that were impressed was this Twitter user who wondered how much training was involved: “That is absolutely incredible How many hours of effort did that require?” Unfortunately, there was no response on how long it took.

And another Twitter user offered the perfect tweak, writing: “Now she needs to learn how to do it in Joker’s voice, and she’s set for life.”