Hero Dog Tracks Down Toddler Lost In The Jungle

Like most other toddlers, one curious 20-month-old from Brazil who loves to explore and get into trouble needs almost constant supervision.

So when the child was left alone with an older sibling, everything was fine until they turned their back for a minute and the child wandered away from their home. The child’s family and neighbors looked everywhere, but failed to find anything.

Eventually, the family called for help and the Corpo de Bombeiros Militar arrived with a search and rescue dog named Luke to look for the child. After sniffing around the property, Luke managed to catch a scent, and led rescuers into the jungle and straight to the child within 25 minutes.

Rescuers discovered the scared child standing in some vines and bushes in the jungle, so they immediately picked the toddler up and rushed back to the worried family. Thankfully, Luke managed to find the toddler before suffering any serious injuries.

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible moment this dog found a 20-month-old child lost in the jungle.

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