Here’s Why You Should Never Leave Plastic Bottles In Your Car On A Hot Day

Now that the heat of the summer months is upon us and we find ourselves in constant need of hydration, we will typically go through a sizable amount of bottled water in an effort to remain healthy. While most of us already have a plastic water bottle that we utilize throughout the day, there are others who are more wasteful regarding such matters and we are here to let the world know about the importance of putting a stop to it.

If you are someone who simply goes through new plastic bottles every time you need something cold to drink and you are leaving them in your car on these hot summer days, you could be placing yourself at risk for certain problems. A power company that is located in Idaho is in the process of issuing the appropriate warnings to those who partake in this potentially harmful practice.

To drive the point home, Idaho Power is sharing a clip that is designed to show people what will take place if they leave plastic bottles in their car for too long on a hot day. Did you know that these bottles can actually catch on fire when you do not remove them from your vehicle in a timely manner? Just imagine leaving your vehicle to head into work and coming back out to a car that is engulfed in flames….

This could become a harsh reality if you are not truly careful. The good people at Idaho Power have taken it upon themselves to spread the message after one of their employees went through the experience. The light had refracted off the bottle and had this man not made it back to his vehicle in time, the entire seat may have caught on fire and we shudder to think of what would have happened next.

If you are anything like us, you probably didn’t even know such an occurrence was possible and we cannot say that we blame you. The plastic bottles that we carelessly leave behind in our vehicles can function in the same way that magnifying glasses do and if you would like to avoid such a fate, start reusing your bottles and don’t make the mistake of allowing minor refuse to cause major problems.

Please be careful out there this summer! Be sure to pass this helpful story along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible as well.