Here’s Why You Really Shouldn’t Play With Lighters If You Want To Keep Your Hair

If you’re not a gamer, you might not know about a live streaming website called Twitch.

People who are really into video games can create a channel where they play the games of their choice so people can watch in real time, chatting with the host and learning from their skills. A 25-year-old woman from France named Anaïs Germe is best known on Twitch as the user AnaPlaying. During her most recent stream, however, things got a little bit heated.

Germe, who was playing the game «League of Legends,» began absent-mindedly flicking her lighter on and off.

She didn’t realize just how close she was getting to her hair, focusing primarily on the game. That’s when things got ugly.

It takes way longer than you’d expect for her to realize what happened. I was cringing the whole time!

Okay, this is one situation where I’d definitely recommend using a fidget spinner instead. Yikes.