Her Name Is Baddie Winkle And She’s An 89-Year-Old Instagram Sensation

When they say “act your age,” what do they mean, really? After all, who sets those standards? Who determines what an 18-year-old should or should not do? Better yet, when do those dynamics change? At what point in the human time line are you supposed to go from fun loving party animal to dour and determined sober citizen? 21? 30? 40? Or maybe never? Indeed, the rules about roles in our society are rapidly evolving, leaving old school thinking in the dust. What we once thought unacceptable for people of a certain category now is the typical and traditional. In fact, the older one gets, the more we celebrate a young at heart and mind and body spirit.

Someone who clearly subscribes to the whole “only as young as you feel and act” mantra is 89-year-old grandmother Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle. Believe it or not, she’s an Instagram star with over three million followers and a cutesy nickname – Baddie Winkle. Indeed, this oldster fancies herself as hip and happening as people one fifth her age, and judging by the photos and videos below, she’s more than capable of holding her own with the youngsters she hangs with. From showing off her stylish outfits and amazingly fit frame to a few things we can’t discuss here, Baddie is the very definition of someone ignoring the rules and writing the book in her own unique image. Check it out.

Say Hello To Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle

She’s 89.

She’s Also An Instagram Sensation

She’s got over three million followers.

Her Nickname Is ‘Baddie Winkle’

And she more than lives up to that nickname.

Her Outfits Are The Height Of Fashion

And her attitude is just amazing.

Helping Out Meals On Wheels

She’s A True Diva

And dresses like it.

She’s Giving All The Gals A Warning

They better watch out or she will steal their man – no matter his age.

Hanging Out With Fergie

Baddie knows all the big names.

She’s Always Smiling

Even her clothes have a cheery grin.

Singing Along To The Golden Girls Theme

Peace And Love

Baddie is a hippy at heart.

She’s As Famous As The Kardashians

At least on social media.

She’s Even Written A Book

So you too can be like Baddie.

And This Is Her Squad

Talk about goals!!!

Taking London By Storm

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