Heartwarming Moment Girls Meet Adopted Sister

One Texas couple always dreamed of adopting a baby to grow their family of six. However, when their dream came true sooner than they expected, there was no time to tell their four children about their new sibling.

“We got a call on Tuesday night about this possibility,” said Shane Pruitt. “We met with our lawyer and the birth mom at 8 a.m. [the next day] It was very fast and we didn’t have a chance to talk to our kids about it.” Shane and his wife, Kasi, knew that their two biological daughters and two adopted sons always wanted more siblings, so they weren’t worried about how the kids would react to the sudden addition.

The next day, Kasi and Shane went to pick up their newborn daughter and decided to film the moment their kids found out about their new sister. “They didn’t know we went to go pick her up,” Shane said. “They didn’t know anything about her.” As they hoped, their kids were thrilled about the new baby and the girls actually broke down in tears.

“It just blessed our heart and made us feel blessed as parents, to not only see our family grow but it also blessed us to see our older children respond in that way,” Shane said, “To see their love, you know we are not perfect as parents, but in that moment it felt like we were doing something right.”

“She is beautiful,” Shane added. “She’s a gift from our great God. She is loved deeply.”

Watch the entire video below to see the heartwarming moment these kids see their new sibling for the first time.

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