He Was Attacked With Acid In What Turned Out To Be A Case Of Mistaken Identity

You can almost understand the motive…almost. A family member has been sexually assaulted and all you can think of is vengeance. You want the police to bring down the hammer of justice and for the courts to lock away the perpetrator away for the rest of their horrible lives. In a fit of anger, you decide to take the law into your own hands and travel 300 miles to confront the criminal, a beaker of battery acid in your hand.

Andreas Christopheros Has Acid Thrown In His Face

The plan? The minute the miserable so-and-so opens the door, you will dose him with the caustic liquid and let the Lord sort it all out. That’s exactly what David Phillips did one gloomy UK day, arriving at the home of Andreas Christopheros to get his payback. The only problem? He had the wrong address, and his intended victim was nowhere around. Yes, in a horrific case of mistaken identity, Christopheros received the acid that Phillips had intended for someone else, and in an instant, both of their lives were changed irrevocably.

And This Is The Man Who Did It

The attacker was arrested, while his victim lie in a coma in the hospital. When he awoke, Christopheros was blind, disfigured and worried what his baby son would make of what happened to his dad. Thankfully, with the full support of his spouse Pia, and a wonderful reaction from his boy, Christopheros is slowly getting his life back. There were several hurdles to overcome – the pain, the anguish, the physical and psychological damage – but perhaps the biggest one came when he faced off against Phillips in court.

Turns Out, It Was A Tragic Case Of Mistaken Identity

While the accused tried to make amends of sort by pointing to his heart mouthing “I’m sorry” to Christopheros, he wasn’t having it. His rationale – Phillips hadn’t cooperated with the police previously and only plead guilty at the 11th hour as evidence was about to be presented at trial. You can definitely understand Christopheros motives. He is literally scarred for life. Phillips on the other hand…

Here He Is On British Morning TV

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