He Thought His Pets Died In The Hurricane, Films Emotional Reunion Realizing They’re Home

Hurricane Harvey turned Houston, Texas inside out this summer. Thousands of families were displaced, people lost everything they had, and people were funneled into mass shelters to weather the storm. Besides these horrible losses, people also got separated and lost their pets. According to The Balance, Hurricane Harvey caused about 180 billion worth of damage. And the city will be in recovery for years to come.

Residents needed to evacuate the city as the hurricane came rolling up from the Gulf. And some people didn’t have the opportunity to gather their pets. And this is what happened to Lester Morrow, a teacher from Maple Grove, Texas.

Besides teaching students at the school, Morrow is also a farmer. He owns a 500-acre farm and loves his animals. In an interview with Daily Mail, Morrow said:

“My animals are my hobby and favorite pastime, and because they all have their own unique personalities, I love them like my own children. At the moment that I was forced to evacuate, all I could do was move them to the highest ground possible, give a hug and kiss, and say a prayer for my beloved animals.”

Eventually, the storm left the city. And Morrow was cleared to go home. And he was confident that he had lost everything – all his animals – and was very depressed.

Finally, he returned to his 500-acre farm. And he surveyed the horrible damage that the hurricane had caused. Destitute, he decided to record the experience of seeing his farm wholly changed by the hurricane.

As he walks through his flooded and destroyed property, Morrow holds out his camera. The farmland is covered in debris and tree branches. As he walks his vast property, the teacher narrates the horrifying experience.

But one minute into the video, a miracle appears.

“Oh my God… that’s Patty!”

Morrow adjusts the camera and shows us the big, black pig rushing toward Morrow. She heard her owner’s voice and wanted to be with him. But Morrow is crying. Although his entire property got destroyed, at least he still had his favorite pig.

“Oh my God, baby. How did you survive?” Morrow says through tears of joy.”

As he realizes that he is crying on camera, Morrow talks himself out of the emotional breakdown, “Okay, man up Lester.”

But seconds later he is crying again. He sees his pregnant goat and three horses. And then when he sees Irma Jean, his favorite donkey, he cannot contain his emotions.

“I’m so sorry we couldn’t help Y’all,” he says through his cries. The video got posted to YouTube and quickly went viral. Many people shared comments, including the following:

The Dodo wrote, “This video is so touching and such a great moment to capture!”

Another person wrote, “I feel for this gentleman, he clearly had nowhere to evacuate this beloved pets. I think we should clear evacuation zones for livestock and large animals in the same way we do for small pets. There’s no way he could have evacuated to a normal zone that accepted cats and dogs. The man was clearly devastated and felt so terrible about it and so helpless.”

What do you think about this tearful reunion after Hurricane Harvey?