He drove into the tax office with 5 wheelbarrows full of money! He wanted to pay his taxes of 3 thousand dollars in coins

I do not know a person who enjoys settling errands in any office.

Visits to these places are usually associated with stress, disappointment and a sense of lost time. It seems to us that we all have the documents we need, and we will take care of the matter, and on the spot, it turns out that this is just the beginning of a long process. Officials inform you that the necessary signatures, certificates, consents and copies of the documents are missing. Instead of explaining everything thoroughly, they do little to help and we feel they want to make things even more difficult.

Rarely do we hear that someone came across a window with a lovely lady who led him by the hand and explained everything from A to Z. Most of the time, office workers approach human problems with disdain and they complete their duties extremely sluggishly. This makes the thought of going to a governing body give you goose bumps and you thus try to pull off those nasty meetings in minimal time. Sooner or later you will have to settle the matter and face the dreaded clerk.

Nick Stafford is from a small town, Lebanon, Virginia, where he bought three vehicles. He wanted to register and pay the taxes due, but he was not in a position to get along with Department of Vehicles (DMV) officials. They presented him with a lot of difficulties and no one could get specific information from anyone. The upset American raised three lawsuits against the DMV staff in court, but all were dismissed. Anyway, he had to pay a tax of $3,000. He decided that now he would play a trick on the officers.

He had the idea of paying the $3,000 in pennies. A truck was transported to him with hundreds of rolls of the lowest denomination. Nick paid 11 people to break the rolls so officials could count on the coins. Then he spent about a thousand dollars on the purchase of a few handbags in which he placed thousands of pennies. Officials had priceless faces when they saw how the trader drove a wheelbarrow into the tax office. There were $3,000 in 5 wheelbarrows that needed to be converted as soon as possible.

The man placed them under the counter and announced that he had come to pay the due tax. Employees had to check whether Nick had provided the full amount and started counting. It is unknown how much time it took them, but the man was proud of what he did. Although he has done quite a bit for this venture, he claims that it was worth it to be done so in this way. He could not punish the officials otherwise, so he added a bit more work for them. Surely counting had to take them several dozen long hours!

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