Hawk Flies Into Taxi Cab To Take Shelter During Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey sweeping Texas is not only scaring its residents but also birds like this frightened hawk…

A Houston taxi driver reportedly stopped to pick up supplies in preparation for the hurricane and wound up with an unexpected passenger- a hawk seeking shelter from the storm. The driver, William Bruso posted a video to YouTube showing the hawk swoop into his taxi cab through an open door when he stopped at the store.

Bruso named the hawk, Sgt. Hurricane Harvey and said he refused to leave his taxi, so he took him into his home to ride out the storm. When he got home, he fed Sgt. Hurricane Harvey raw chicken hearts and water and he even documented the hawk’s stay at his home on his YouTube channel.

Bruso mentioned numerous times in his videos that he was not keeping the hawk hostage and that he left a window open in case the bird wanted to fly off at any time. Eventually, a rep from the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition of Houston went to Bruso’s home on Saturday to pick up Harvey.

“It was a very cool experience,” Bruso told The Post on Sunday. “I felt very honored that [the hawk] chose to hunker down with me — and was so well-behaved, better behaved than my cousins who come here and wreak havoc.”

Bruno says in his farewell video to Harvey that he knows he will be in good hands with the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition.

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