Guy Shares His Treat With An Orangutan, How The Animal Thanks Him Has Us In Stitches

It is no secret that monkeys are incredibly intelligent and that they are similar to humans in a number of ways. You often see stories on the news about different species of monkeys living with humans and bonding with them. However, it appears that they do not have to actually know the human in order to interact with them. In a video with a man and an orangutan, it is shown that the money was grateful for a snack and wanted to make sure that the man who gave it to him had one too.

If you have ever gone to the zoo, you have certainly checked out all of the monkeys that are available to observe. One man decided to do just this when he went to a zoo located in Bali when he was taking a trip. One of his first stops was to look at the orangutans that the zoo had to offer. He ended up making a friend at this exhibit and it was not a fellow human. The video of the event shows that he tossed a treat to the orangutan who was close to the wall of the exhibit.

The orangutan seemed to be rather happy to receive the treat and he certainly wanted to show his new human friend that he was grateful that he shared his snack with him. So, the animal had some treats of his own, he grabbed some and tossed it back to the human. This proves that orangutans are incredibly intelligent, as well as kind creatures. This is a video that has gone viral and it is warming the hearts of people all over the country. Some commenters on the story remarked that they wished that humans would be so kind and grateful to each other.

This is a cute video and it is definitely a moment that the human and the orangutan are going to remember forever. The person in the video does not live in Bali, but there is a chance that he will make a return trip just to say “hi” and perhaps share another snack. When you watch the video, you can see that the other people who witnessed it were overjoyed. That simple act of reciprocal kindness had a major effect on a number of people that day. As the video continues to be shared, this effect is growing.

With all of the bad news that floats around throughout the world, sometimes it is just nice to read a story that is nothing, but positive. Of course, when the story includes animals this is even better because who does not like to see a cute monkey or another animal after a day of sad and depressing headlines. This story goes to show you that there are still good people in the world and that animals do recognize kindness and can find ways to repay it.

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