Groom Stops Wedding, Reveals Surprise He Has For His Bride’s Sister Who Has Down’s Syndrome

On the day that 25 year old Will Seaton was slated to marry the love of his life, 23 year old Ashley, he made the world’s most romantic gesture to his wife-to-be’s 15-year-old sister Hannah Schaus. While Hannah stood at the wedding dressed in her best, Will asked her up to him so he could complete the incredibly romantic gesture that he had been planning for some weeks now. While sharing his wedding vows and his first dance with his bride, he invited Hannah, who has Down syndrome, to join them so she wouldn’t accidentally feel left out.

Will is employed as a power plant operator and Ashley is a geologist. They first met seven years before when they were still in their teenage years. And from the beginning, they made sure to include the much younger Hannah as part of their relationship. She was never left out whenever they went out and did fun things. And Will loved including her.

On the day that Will was prepared to marry Ashley, he held Hannah’s hands and promised to always be her best friend forever. He went above and beyond to include her so she would never feel let out now that things were changing and her sister was getting married .

Hannah has Down syndrome and diabetes. That means that she needs constant care from her family. Will has been there to help as he can during the seven years he was in love with Ashley.

Hannah and Ashley are practically attached at the hip. And because Will fell in love with Ashley, he understood that Hannah came with the package – and he was glad to include her throughout the years.

For years, Hannah, Ashley and Will have spent time almost every day together. They go to the movies to see the latest films, they go fishing and they even go to theme parks and ride the scariest roller coasters.

When Will proposed to Ashley earlier this year, he then turned to Hannah and ‘proposed’ to her as well. This was captured on video and went viral earlier.

On the wedding day, Hannah was named “best sister” and was walked down the aisle by her grandfather to meet Will at the altar. And she looked absolutely beautiful.

Then Will and Hannah exchanged their friend vows. They promised to keep telling jokes and going fishing. And this happened before Will and Ashley exchanged their own vows and became husband and wife.

Then later at the reception, the newlyweds shared their first dance. When that was done, Will took Hannah out to the dance floor and had their “best friend dance” to Michael Buble’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Ashley couldn’t have been happier to include Hannah in the wedding. She said, “Hannah is such an important part of my life and I knew she would always be incorporated into our wedding. Sharing the day with her didn’t phase me one bit. It meant so much to me to see her enjoying herself. She was smiling from start to finish. When she got home she said her cheeks hurt from smiling so much. She was on cloud nine. It was very special.”

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