Girl Is Forced To Live As Pariah In Her Village Due To Rare Condition

We take a lot of things for granted in our lives.

Often times, these are luxuries like cell phones and Internet, but they can go far beyond privileges of the modern world.

Even things that are necessities to live like shelter, water, and electricity get taken for granted until you have to go without them for a more than a few hours.

Suddenly, the simple things in life like turning on a light switch or getting a glass of water from the faucet are much more important than we ever realized.

Our health is no different.

Not just our overall health, like whether or not we come down with the flu, but everyday functions like walking, standing, or sitting; in other words, our posture.

One little girl in Pakistan can’t take those things for granted because she’s never been able to do any of those things normally.

She’s never even been able to hold her head upright.

Nine-year-old Afhseen Qumbar is suffering from a condition that has made her life very difficult. She was born with a rare muscular disorder that forces her head to hang at a 180-degree angle.

She can’t stand, walk, or sit properly because of it and even needs help eating and using the bathroom.

Afhseen and her family, who love and care for her, are used to her condition but the people of her small village are not.

They are afraid of her and believe her condition is a result of her sins.

The only friends Afhseen has are her six siblings. She doesn’t go to school and rarely leaves her house because of the constant ridicule she faces.

“People say bad things about our daughter,” her father Allah said. “They often laugh at her. It really hurts us. We cannot tolerate people’s attitudes and discrimination. People avoid her sight so we keep her at home. We want her to study but no one will accept her in school.”

Because they live in poverty, her family is unable to get her proper treatment and hopes the Pakistan government will help them so she can lead a normal, healthy life.

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