Girl breaks down during cheer performance. Then teen jumps the fence and sprints towards her

Parents in the military have the heartbreaking task of leaving their families during deployment to fight for our freedom. Not having your parent around during holidays or certain special events can be devastating for the children.

Of course, the parent that is serving in the military wishes they could be with their children at all times, but sadly — sometimes, it’s just not possible. But that doesn’t mean that the void can’t be filled…at least a little bit.

Nine-year-old Addie Rodriguez was heartbroken when her dad couldn’t watch her perform the cheerleading routine.

Addie was cheering at Central Catholic High School and was so happy her mom was in the stands watching her perform. There was just one important person that was missing — her dad, Senior Airman Michael Locklear.

Locklear has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan; as an active military member, he was currently based in San Diego. Unfortunately, this was over 1,700 miles away.

What made the situation even worse, is the team was going to perform a father-daughter move for the crowd; the fathers putting their daughters on their shoulders.

Addie was the only one who didn’t have their dad there to pick her up on his shoulders.

“I just felt sad because I missed him a lot,” a crying Addie explains.

But at this moment, a senior at the high school named Matthew Garcia jumped over the fence from the bleachers and ran out to the little girl on the field. He asked her if she was okay and offered to put her on his shoulders.

“He said, ‘you can come on my shoulders,’” she said to the interviewers.

It absolutely made her entire performance, if not her whole year. Addie’s mother couldn’t believe what she was watching.

When Addie’s mom realized what the teen was doing, her heart completely melted.

“I’m glad I could make her day,” the smiling teen says about helping the 9-year-old cheerleader. He was the perfect fill in for her dad that couldn’t make it that day.

It was this teen’s selfless attitude and giant heart that gives us hope for our future. If these are the types of teens that will eventually be running the world, it’s a very optimistic outlook.

Our heart goes out to Addie, and her father serving in the Army. I’m sure he couldn’t be more proud of her and her sweet outlook on life. He’d probably like to shake this teen’s hand as well.

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