‘Foreign dogs!» Racist woman says Chinese couple shouldn’t be allowed to sit at NYC McDonald’s

Yet another incident of public racism against Chinese in the US has ignited outrage online with an American woman berating a student from China and his girlfriend for having the gall to sit at a table in a New York City McDonald’s.

«Who has the right to sit at a table? Me, an American, or them, foreign dogs?» the crazed woman asks in a video posted to Facebook last Saturday by Shen Siwei. She continues: «Don’t come here and sit on our tables. I’m trying to eat and this is sitting on the table!»

Shen says that he and his girlfriend had sat down at a table to decide on what to eat when the woman suddenly began going on a racist tirade against them, saying that since they had not ordered any food, they could not sit down.

Later, when a manager comes over to try to resolve the situation, the woman questions the manager’s credentials, saying «she looks like a Colombian woman.» Eventually, the woman stalks off to find the «real manager.»

The incident left Shen shaken, disturbed and confused «This is 2017 and some random lady said I can’t sit here because I didn’t order anything and I’m not American?!!!! What the fuck, America!» he wrote.