Footage shows shooter walking with arms who rammed down people with truck, gets shot

Currently, an incident is being investigated as a terrorist’s attempt in the lower Manhattan. The NYPD is responding to the earlier reports of open shooting this noon. A truck comes on the roads of New York and starts to hit innocent people. More than 8 people are reported to be dead in this terror attempt. The attacker is being claimed to be belonging to some terror group who use Islam to give a direction to their agenda.

This is another incident after the Las Vegas mass shooting attempt of Stephen Paddock. The emergency services are present at the scene in Lower Manhattan. FBI has taken over the case because of the terrorist nature of the attacker. All this happened near World Trade Center as the attacker drove down a busy bicycle path in New York.

The attacker also crashed the truck into the school bus. He later exited the vehicle and started to show off imitation firearms. He got shot in the abdomen by the police forces. The suspect is in the police custody and they are currently getting him operated in a hospital. His life is out of danger and after he wakes up, the police are going to take a statement.

The suspect in the New York attack is found to be belonging to Uzbekistan. He came to the United States in 2010. He lives in Tampa, Florida. Now the officials are looking into a possible connection to New Jersey.

President Donald Trump tweeted, “Looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. My thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the New York City terrorist attack. God and your country are with you!

We’ll update this thread with more details, currently do watch these gathered snap chat videos of the possible suspect.