Fire Destroys Disabled Man’s Prized Movie Collection, So Community Steps Up To Replace It

Mark Orsillo is something of a cinephile and he has an astonishing collection of movies to choose from. Or at least he did, before a horrible fire swept through his home and wiped out his entire selection. The 34 year old man with Down’s Syndrome was devastated about his movie collection that provided him with the simple pleasures that he needed in order to get through the day.

He shares a home with his mother and father (Vicki and Steve) and the home was caught in the midst of a devastating wildfire and when the fire reached their home, they were forced to evacuate quickly and only take the bare necessities with them. Danielle, Mike’s sister, assisted him in packing, but he was only able to take 20 of his favorite films with him during the evacuation.

The other movies were destroyed in the blaze and the family’s entire property was no more. This was a very sad day for the Orsillo family, as Mark’s apartment that was attached to the home was gone forever. This was the home that Danielle and Mark had grown up in and to see it taken away like this was definitely a hurtful experience for all parties involved.

Mark had a particularly difficult time coming to grips with the loss of his movies. These movies were a major source of happiness for him and Danielle regretted not grabbing more of them. She wrote a Facebook post about the experience and asked her friends and loved ones to assist. It did not take long for the comments to start rolling in.

Everyone wanted to know which movies he would like best and which ones he needed in order to replace those that were lost. Mark is far from picky, though, and he was willing to accept any movies that were sent his way. It did not matter if they were new or used and the DVDs would soon begin to pour in from all over. Some were dropped off in person and others were shipped in from out of town.

Not only did Mark’s collection get restored, but he ended up with even more movies than he ever had before. This outpouring of love definitely touched our hearts and restored our faith in humanity. You simply never know how much love is out there waiting for you and this story is a prime example of just how kind people can be. Please pass it along to the special people in your life!