Fifth Harmony Crash Sam Smith’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ And He Absolutely LOSES It!

The first time you heard Sam Smith’s voice on Disclosure’s “Latch” you know you had to stop everything and listen.

You knew that this was a voice you would hear the rest of your life and you were perfectly okay with it.

Not only does he have a once-in-a-lifetime singing voice, he also happens to have a pretty amazing personality.

In the latest “Carpool Karaoke” you get the best of both Sam worlds because he sings and shows off his witty and fun charisma.

Over the years, James Corden has really had some memorable “Carpool Karaoke” segments, so much so, that it’s actually it’s own show now on Apple Music.

From the moment Sam gets in Corden’s SUV, you know you’re in for something that you won’t soon forget.

Corden starts by joking about Sam’s tremendous weight loss, commenting that they both started the same diet at the same time and that he’s “doing it for the big guys” and that “There’s only two ways to rectify this,” to which Sam replies:

“I’m 100% down to get fat again. My plan is to keep my weight down for 10 years and then I’m just gonna live in caftans. No pants, glass of wine. And I just walk around with my Oscar and go through photo albums.”

He also had no shame admitting he loves Ryan Gosling and Fifth Harmony and proudly states he’s a Harmonizer.
Sam says that he wants “Work From Home” to be his wedding song, then goes into the most out of control wedding plans you’ve ever heard, leaving Corden stunned.
Seconds into the 5H hit, Corden stops the song and pulls out his phone. You probably can guess what happens next but you cannot possibly imagine Sam’s reaction!

Watch The Best Reaction To A Surprise Guest Ever:

The entire video is amazing, right?

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