Father Warns Parents To Check Outdoor Toys After Finding Snake In Child’s Truck

The great outdoors. When the weather turns nice, we can’t wait to run out into nature and enjoy ourselves. We never think of the potential dangers, the inherent threat just waiting in a hollow, rotting tree, a field of overgrown grass, or an odd looking object in a bush. We are surrounded by wildlife that makes the exterior parts of the world its home, and they are ready and willing to defend themselves should man or his interior companions invade and explore.

Snakes Like To Hide In Unusual Places

We mention this because of what happened recently to Josh McClane and his son, Judson. Since it was a beautiful day, and there was no need to be inside, the pair went out to play. Judson had his favorite toy, a ridable dump truck, waiting for him and when he jumped on, all seemed okay. Then, the child let out a blood curdling scream, and when Josh went to see what was happening, he was stunned.

VERY Unusual Places

Turns out, a snake had made a bed inside the vehicle’s plastic chassis…and not just any snake, but a cottonmouth, also known as a water moccasin. Sure enough, the boy had been bitten needed to be taken to the hospital immediately. The cottonmouth is very poisonous, and without treatment, little Jordan would have died.

And This One Almost Cost A Young Child His Life

So What Happened?

After 16 vials of anti-venom, doctors were convinced the boy would pull through. He eventually did, and now the McClanes are on a campaign to warn parents about the dangers of leaving toys outside overnight. They now pick up the children’s items every evening and store them away, making sure to remove the temptation from the random serpents in the area.

The Local News Is On The Story

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