Farmers from Switzerland make huge holes in their cows’ stomachs for one very strange reason…

Farmers literally drill holes into living cows’ stomachs. The holes are 6 inches in diameter!

These domesticated animals have kept us company for thousands of years. The domestication of cattle was the first step to ensuring that man would have future generations. Then people began to interfere in the reproduction of animals. They crossbred species, creating the types that they liked the best. Many modifications are made on a daily basis, including genetic ones.

Playing God didn’t end there. Our species went one step further. Today we breed cows that have huge holes in their sides. The controversial practice has one goal.

What is it? You’ll find the answer on the next page.

Why would someone drill holes in the bodies of living animals? Researchers and farmers explain that this is a procedure carried out in the name of academic research. Scientists want to deepen their understanding of cow’s digestive processes, simply by being able to look at it. In their opinion, this knowledge will help them in better choosing animal feed. This practice originated in the United States. The first “hole-y cows” showed up in university farms, which is where you can still find the largest number of them.

However, the procedure was eagerly accepted by Swiss farmers who decided to go with the wind during these monstrous times. As the researchers and farmers stress, the process of cutting a hole in a live cow and then examining its interior is completely painless. Th insight into the stomach allows for the analysis of their digestion process. Researchers can carry out experiments, students can learn from a living organism, and farmers can choose the right feed for their animals.

The study of cows with holes is called fistualization. What does the entire procedure look like? A farmer or a scientist first cuts into the cow’s left side. A rubber coil is inserted into the opening so that the wound does not get any bigger. The hole that is cut out of the cow is usually 6 inches wide. This allows a person to easily insert their hand into the hole. The opening leads directly to the cow’s stomach. During the experiments, the cows don’t seem moved. The animals are unknowingly used in this way under the guise of a scientific experiment.

Animal rights organizations are sounding the alarm. According to animal advocates, this is nothing but a cruel, barbaric practice, the typical bullying of animals. Experiments have nothing to do with it. According to opponents of cutting holes into cows, the holes don’t benefit science, but instead serve the breeders, who feed animals cheap feeds that they can’t digest well. The undigested waste from the cheap feed is removed through the holes.

Do you want to see what these experiments look like? Watch the video below.