Farmer Checks On His Chickens And Finds Unusual Animal Hiding Underneath

We are all very familiar with the phrase “mother hen” and everyone has probably deployed this phrase at some point in their lives. When we take on a maternal role and try to assist the people that we meet in a motherly way, this is one of the most common phrases used to describe our behavior. Of course, it is directly derived from the actual animal themselves.

So why do mother hens have such a reputation? By taking a closer look at the following photos, you can find out more about the motherly love that they are more than happy to provide…whether their “children” are of the same species or not.

These kittens were abandoned on Mother’s Day of all days, but they were not forced to spend the day alone.

This mother hen’s love extends well beyond her own and she is proud to call these puppies her children as well.

As for this hen, she is able to take on the responsibility of caring for a puppy, while also keeping an eye on her own.

It does not matter how many kittens need a mommy, this mother hen is able to step up to the plate.

Abandoned pigeons that are in need of a home? Have no fear, mother hen is here.

A duckling orphan found itself in need of a home and will now be very well taken care of.

When these ducklings found their way into the wrong nest, the mother hen had no problem taking them in as her own.

This photo proves that the size of the animal does not even matter. Come one, come all, this mother seems to be saying.

The duckling was merely seeking some shelter and did one better by finding a mother as well.

You may have thought that you have already seen it all, but guess what? This little piggy decided to squeal all the way back home and make a new life with a mama hen.

There is no limit to the number of children that a mother hen is willing to adopt, as these ducklings have since learned.

If you are unaware of these birds, the long necked beauties are called American Rhea chicks. They may look much different from their mother, but they are all still one big happy family.

Just in case you were dying to see more photos of mother hens and their puppy children, we have definitely got you covered!

A thunderstorm arrived and these kitties have certainly found the perfect shelter.

Last but not least, papa roosters are some of the best parents out there too!