Family Takes Dying Grandparents To The Beach One Last Time. But They Don’t Know About Secret Planned

Angi got to experience one of the best childhoods possible, as she got to live across the street from her grandparents. Just imagine the joy of getting up early in the morning to tiptoe across the road and spend the day with your beloved grandparents and you will have an idea of the childhood that Angi enjoyed. She would regularly climb into bed with them and spend her mornings soaking up their love and adoration.

Once she grew up, she moved several hours away from them and did not have the chance to crawl into bed alongside of them anymore. She would maintain a strong bond with her grandparents by talking to them on the phone on a daily basis and one day Cosmo and Doris came to Angi with a request. Since they both were told that they only had months left to live, they wanted to take one last big trip.

They wanted to head to the beach one last time, accompanied by all four generations of the family. Florida’s Daytona Beach would be the location and everyone made arrangements expeditiously. Angi had met a man that she became serious about (his name is Toby) and she was very hurt to learn that Cosmo and Doris would not be able to make it to see them get married.

Toby was hoping that they could simply get married on Daytona Beach. While he did not decide to plan an entire wedding right then and there, he did launch a more secretive plan. As one of the nieces serenaded the group during the beach meet up, Toby used this as the perfect distraction. He crept up behind Angi and gave her a quick tap to get her attention.

When she turned around, she was stunned to see that Toby was in the process of proposing. Once she said yes, her next move was to embrace her beloved grandparents. While most would describe Grandpa Cosmo as being very tough, he could not contain his emotion. He broke down and began to weep. The couple was celebrated by the whole family and a special moment became even more meaningful.

The ocean already held a great deal of meaning for this family and thanks to Toby’s touching idea, none of them will ever look at the ocean in the same way as before. Please share this heartwarming story with your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.